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Feel Energy in Your Finger

You can awaken areas of your brain that already have the connections you are looking for. In the womb, as your body developed, you could feel everything. The awareness was already there, being used as a constant in your existence. Over time, you have moved your body awareness into the subconscious and used your conscious focus to learn and grow in other ways. Reawakening your ability to consciously feel your body by focusing on the energy in your finger can be surprisingly easy.

Practice: Hold your pointer finger in the air in front of your face. Looking at your finger:

  • Bring to your thoughts how amazing your finger is. Feel how the skin wraps around your finger. Notice there are no seams, no beginning or end to the skin itself. Your skin is a continuous fabric that grows and changes with your finger. Continue to observe your finger feeling as much sensation in your finger as you can.
  • Now tune into the sensation of movement along this continuous fabric. See if you can feel the blood as it moves through your finger.
  • Use your imagination and see if you can feel how your fingernail sits on your finger, feeling it as separate from your skin and finger.
  • Try to feel sensation under your fingernail, separating your awareness of the fingernail and what is underneath it.
  • Feel the separation between the nail and the air that touches it, becoming completely aware of the texture of the nail’s surface.
  • Feel the difference in temperature between your finger and the air that moves around it. See if you can raise or lower the feeling of temperature touching your finger.
  • Use your focused attention to feel your finger completely. Attempt to intensify your awareness to the tiniest component.

Purpose: Feeling energy in your finger is easier than some other parts because of the existence of your extensive nervous system. Use this connection to develop sensitivity to your energetic system.

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