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Facial Recognition

Once grasped in its entirety, realizing that the person controlling where you are is you is truly freeing.

Practice: To get a step closer to this reality, pay attention to your facial expression:

  • Pay attention to your face while interacting with others.
  • Notice you do not let your face fully express the inside of you in each moment.
  • Remember a time when you really felt you face fully express an emotion without the use of any control.
  • Next, see how you stop your facial expression in this moment with control.
  • Pay attention to the aspect of your expression are you trying to avoid communicating in this moment.
  • Bring to your thoughts the aspects of your expression that do not meet what you think you should be thinking or doing in the moment.
  • Try to release your attachment to what you think an expression means. You can say, “I do not know what this expression means” in regards to yourself or others if that helps.
  • Allow the natural expression of your face to form. Allow your insides to fully communicate to your outside world. 

Practice Variation: When you are feeling your face make an expression that does not seem to match the moment release attachment to “this is what my expression means” and be open to it meaning something you can not currently understand

Purpose: You follow a lot of social cues and control without thinking about it. You literally become in some instances the thing you do not want to be. Becoming aware of your personal control in something as personal as your facial expressions can help you see other levels of control with more ease.

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