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Expanding White Light

Use the heart chakra to feel better. Not having enough energy in your body can cause all kinds of complications.

Practice: How to bring the light from the inside of the heart center to the outside:

  • Get in a comfortable relaxed position.
  • Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.
  • Allow your mind to run through thoughts and then stop thinking about them until the mind is still.
  • Slow down until the mind is still.
  • Breathe in with retention then exhale.
  • Tighten and release a few muscle groups to release tension in the body.
  • With your eyes closed find a spot of brightness in your body, the brightest spot you can find. It may be grey, white, or even bright white. The easiest to work with is bright white.
  • Continue the breaths in and out while you search for the brightest spot in your body.
  • Once you have found that spot, where ever it is, you are going to focus on it.
  • Focus on the light and make it brighter, as bright as you can get it to go. The goal is the bright white of an electrical flash.
  • Use a visual aid if you want. Imagine something brighter than the light you have already found, light bulb, lightning, etc.
  • Bring it as bright as you can and hold it there.
  • Now that it is brighter and you are holding the brightness, make it larger. Maintain the brightness while you expand it.
  • Be sure to maintain your breath, deep with retention at the top of the breath.

Fill up your entire body and hold it. After it is stable you can move the light out past your body to fill up the space around you.

Purpose: Increasing the light content of your body can move you from skewed balance to balance. You can also use this method of increasing light energy to support those around you.

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