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Everything Changes

The belief “nothing changes” is a command to your energy to stop moving. Energetically you become trapped in a distortion pattern. The longer you hold this the more uncomfortable it becomes. Everything changes.

Practice: For this practice you will pick a specific person in your life. Think of a specific, repeating pattern you see in this person. With your focus and attention:

  • Ask yourself what does not change. Pick only one thing that does not change.
  • Clarify the details of your thought, what this singular thing is that does not change. This is your focused thought.
  • Pay close attention to what this thought makes you feel.
  • Identify where in your physical body you feel this focused thought.

Your focus is a single idea of what specifically is not changing. Do not allow yourself to stack a bunch of examples or beliefs on top.

Staying with your focused thought, apply the mantra to the thought. Continue applying the mantra to your focused thought until you fell the space where you found the focused thought in your body change. Once you feel the space change:

  • Consider if it is true or not that nothing changes.
  • Allow your subconscious to supply you with proof that the item of your focused attention has indeed been different at least once in your experience with this person. Recognize your exaggeration of the idea “nothing changes”.
  • Turn your attention to the idea that everything changes.
  • Consider that things repeat instead of believing they do not change.

Although it is true that human beings are habitual, it is not true that they do not change. Energy is always changing. Your subconscious mind maintains constant change and flow with your external world accept when your brain steps in and overrides that flow of change.

Practice Variation: You can follow your release of the belief “nothing changes” with the mantra “Everything Changes” or a series of affirmations that support the idea of positive change as possible in your life.

The rules that apply to cause and effect in science do not work energetically. Energetically there are far more variables to consider in change—too many to solve for with conscious thought. Changing the focus of the brain allows your energy to open and flow instead of hold and shut down. This open flow connects you to the support of your mind’s intuition and your body’s natural organized processes.

Purpose: Your brain’s power to hold the belief “nothing changes”, blocks aspects of yourself. This kindness method allows for healthy change and a return to the free flow of personal energy.

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