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Contrast and Comparison Perception Release

Often, with your powerful mental creations, you can get stuck between layers of experiences as you attempt to prioritize one thing over another. Some unknown subconscious reasoning drives you to hold a belief and you are unmovable in regards to this belief. You are so sure you are right that you are willing to sabotage your own efforts with your stubborn unmovable hold on the importance of this belief.

Even when you decide you want to be different, you cannot find the root of your stubborn hold on this belief or what experience instilled it in you at the moment of creation. It is disturbing your ability to live a joyful life. You can contrast and compare your perception to others to release the conscious hold, to give you a wedge between the imprint of the belief and the actions you use to support it.

Practice: Pick an issue that you are sure you are right on that causes you struggle. When you are stuck in your perception of an issue, taking a step back and seeing it from a different angle can make all the difference.

Best Friend Angle

  • Look at the situation as if you were helping your best friend who you have no judgment or condemnation for, just open support for what they need in their life.
  • See the situation. See what the clear intention would be without all the mental baggage you yourself use to cloud and complicate issues.
  • From this place of observation place the idea that you cannot possibly know what your belief means.
  • Now move back to seeing your situation with this wedge between the belief and your experience. You can make a new creation here that loosens the hold of your belief on your reality. From here you can use the Contemplation Exercise or Beginning Contemplation exercise to further break down your belief and open it up to your free will instead of your imposed social obligation to self or others.

Cultural Angle

See how in other cultures this experience is different. A great example of a belief that changes culturally around the world is modest clothing. Not everyone believes the way you do and they can live successful, happy lives without this burden. If you continue to hold your belief in a stubborn way, then consider the underlying issue that is driving your need for this and what can you do to see around it until you can later dissect it through deeper contemplation.

*Do not use this method to justify something that you know will harm you or others.

Purpose: A belief is not a factual item. It can be changed. Realizing your ability to change is impacted by your focus can help you release beliefs that do not serve a useful purpose in the current moment of application.

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