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Contemplation, Repurpose

One reason you may not be living the life you want is that you repeat habitually experiences that seem to be unchangeable. You are missing the healthy templates that allow you to resolve your issue comfortably.

Use this exercise to create new templates and examples; visualize actions, needs, and solutions that line up for you and those in your interactions.

Practice: This exercise builds on Beginning Contemplation and the Contemplation Exercise. After you have completed the Contemplation Exercise for the day, move on to these steps:

To begin, you have completed your observation of your day or an event in the past. You have recognized your limiting beliefs, how you apply them and are ready to see how you can exist without them. Now that you aware of the way you handle and limit your life, ask yourself:

What would my life look like if I were to experience it differently?

From this thought you will:

  • Slow down and step back from the experience
  • Identify the behavior that does not meet your need or reflect the person you know yourself to be
    • Consider what fear or false belief is supporting this behavior
    • Consider what safety this fear or behavior adds to your life
    • Reflect on reasons why you may be reluctant to release this fear from your life
    • Identify ways you can resolve this fear
  • Picture the action or reaction that would meet your needs
    • This picture is about your response; you cannot control the action or reaction of others
    • The only experience you control is your own
  • Rebuild the event with behavioral images that meet your need regarding how you want to experience your life
    • Be willing to let go of beliefs of fears that do not meet your needs, that keep you from being your truth
    • Be aware that it is possible to create an experience you want
    • Keep looking for ways to express and experience yourself as you desire
  • Give yourself the space to create your reality using your supporting beliefs
    • It can be challenging to see your life without these old beliefs
    • Trust that letting go of these actions and responses is possible

The primary reason you keep repeating the same issues in a way that does not meet your needs is that you are missing healthy solution. Visualizing your experience in a way that meets your needs gives your subconscious something to choose from other than the habitual responses that you do not enjoy. Each time you train your brain to see this new behavior you strengthen your ability to have a different experience, one that meets the needs of the life you desire. This new material gives your subconscious something healthy to draw from during fight, flight, or freeze.

Variable: Do not limit your recreation of the moment with only things that can be expected to happen. Create a fantastic vision of the life you strive for instead of the life you think you can have.

Purpose: This practice gives you mental, emotional, and subconscious support as you create memories of what you want to experience in your life instead of fear of what you do not want to repeat.

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