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Claiming My Space

Use this practice to help you feel your energetic flow in the space around you.

Practice: Using a twenty-foot or larger rope or cord, on the ground make the outline of a circle about three feet wide.

  • This circle is the outline of your energy as it extends past the edge of your skin. Step inside the circle.
  • Feel your energy. Feel yourself push your awareness of your energy to the edge of the rope.
  • Move the edge of the rope in front of you further out.
  • Fill the expanded space with your energy.
  • Feel your ownership of this expanded space.
  • Now, extend the roped space to include an object or other furnishing.
  • Feel the difference in your space now that you are coming in contact with something other than yourself.
  • Feel how your thoughts about contact in your energetic space influence your ability to fill up the entire space with you.
  • Now, fill up the entire space, including where the item is present, with your energy.

Consciously aware of the outlined space, work towards feeling the object as present and still feeling that your energy occupies the same space. It can help to imagine a solid item under a microscope. Between the particles and atoms exists empty space. This makes it possible to over lap your energy with a solid item without displacing you or that item.

Practice Variation: Invite a person to sit in the space with you.

  • Observe how you adjust the way you fill up the space.
  • Next push out into the space, filling up the entire space as your own.
  • Last, be both aware of your ability to fill the space completely while also sharing the space with someone else that is filling up the space completely.

Practice Variations: Go to a public place. Imagine your roped circle around you. Spread out the rope to a comfortable distance from you. Feel the space as your own. Hold both your connection to the space and your awareness of holding the space. While people cross through your space see how it makes you feel.

Purpose: This practice over time will help you comprehend the external experience of individuation, being only yourself and completely connected to everything simultaneously.

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