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Change Perception

Perception is a significant factor in the creation of your reality. To make changes in your understanding, you need to be aware of how you are experiencing yourself in each moment. If you have an experience that you do not enjoy, use these easy steps to make changes regarding your perception.

Practice:  When you become uncomfortable:

  • Slow down and pay attention to the experience. There is something you want to know. Your discomfort is an internal or subconscious tool designed to bring the underlying issue to your attention.
  • Remember, discomfort does not equal a problem or the need to change; it equals your need to be aware, broaden your focus, or redirect your attention. You are actively using perception templates that are suppressing something of value that the intuition or subconscious is pushing up from below the surface. This contained item already exists. If ignored, the repression of this discomfort leads to fear, and a low-level of fight or flight begins.
  • Escalate. You push off the feeling of discomfort and now you are in a triggered state. You are in fight or flight, which includes an exaggerated reaction to external observation and a blocked third eye leading to loss of connection to internal and intuitive information. This state of conscious control allows the brain to move faster without interruption through specific stored templates. This is neither good nor bad, it is merely effective for the lives we live today.
  • Resistance, you feel it internally. You may miss the message bubbling up if your focus is on the pressure instead of the knowledge of what the influence means. Currently, the societal reaction is to look for external cause and effect for your resistance. Since the answer is not external, looking outside moves you in the wrong direction, away from self. Slowing down is imperative to keep you from entering a declining situation.
  • Look inside. Grab on to the idea that you know to slow down. In this space of time, you will slow down, remember, and look inside.
  • Stop! If you are still uncomfortable stop. Continuing to move forward while being uncomfortable triggers autonomic systems which can lock you into templates or habitual responses until the process is finished. You can force an override of the brain’s control, but this often creates trauma to the energetic and emotional body, reducing your ability to feel safe.

Purpose: You are not being asked to act on anything. This is an awareness practice that gives attention to the possibility that something is different than your current perception can conceive. Slow down, remember there is no problem, feel where the resistance is, and if you remain uncomfortable—when possible—stop and take a break from the situation at hand.

The feeling of being uncomfortable is for your benefit. If you understand that discomfort is a language, you can learn to interpret it. Take a look at Touching Something Hot to help you understand this concept.

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