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Center Stage

Center stage is a counting your minute variation.

Practice: Visualize your stage with curtains drawn.

  • Imagine the curtain opens the first time and you see a number 1.
  • Close the curtain.
  • Open the curtain again and see the number 2.
  • Close the curtain.
  • Each time you open the curtain, you will imagine the next consecutive number until you reach the desired number.

Practice Variation: If you set a timer you can relax even more control and allow whatever number wants to appear with each opening of the curtain. For a fun challenge, record the numbers as you see them and check the numerology support they offer.

Purpose: The goal of this method is to break the conscious control slowly while still allowing creative thought. For some, allowing for creative thought gives the feeling of control without fear while still working towards breaking the habitual behavior of conscious thought.

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