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Body Awareness

You are so busy, so busy your brain has set aside awareness to accommodate your need to do more, faster, and with less free time. This focus can shift your natural awareness away from your body. Returning attention to your body can open up some easily maintained body awareness methods for free-flowing your energy.

Practice: Standing under running water:

  • Using a rounded or oval bar of soap directly on the skin, apply light pressure.
  • Pay close attention to any spots that stand out in your senses as the bar passes over the body. Observe whether you are tender, have a loss of sensation, feel especially sensitive, and so on.
  • Following your physical exploration, mentally move into full-body observation, compassion, or a Kindness or Release Method for support.

Practice Variation: With a handful of lotion perform the same application of pressure, observation of the body, and mental awareness as above.

Often, a lack of body awareness results in loss of flow, stagnation, or hyper-flow. Slowing down and paying attention to your body through physical touch is an excellent physical reminder of your energetic body and its ability to return to free-flowing energy.

Purpose: Applying attention with conscious observation can reopen the flow of energy to the body and promote wellness.

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