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Adjusting Water

Water is an essential part of everyday life. Learning to work with water can help lessen the distortion vibrations we feel day in and day out. Here are a variety of water experiments to help you get started.

Practice: Put a thought form into the water of your favorite water bottle. Intend that the water will be self-adjusting, that it will continually alter all water that it touches to meet the need of your thought form. When your bottle is down to the last 1/2 inch, refill it.  If you drain your bottle completely, repeat the process of adding your thought form and intention.

Variation, Dyne Level: Put in a thought form to cleanse all waste material from your cells. Encourage the water to contact cells at the proper dyne level. Use this link to find more information about Adjusting Water and dynes measurement.

Variation, Group Dynamics: Everyone has a different piece of the puzzle. In a group of 5-10 people, decide upon a topic of focus, then pass around the water to be impressed. Using multiple people gives layers of self-vibration, thus filling in the missing vibrations for each other. To further experience the group dynamics, do a before and after “test.” Have two cups for each person, one with the before water and the second with the after. See what changes are noticeable in the water and share with the group.

Variation, Infusion: Adding fruits, vegetables, crystals, and other solid forms to water can program the water for you without effort. Before adding anything to your liquid, hold it in your hand and feel the deep love you have for the item. The item added to the water will then return through its vibrational rate of change the support of deep love as the item experiences love.

Practice too: Fill a tub with water. Alter the water to mend some physical aches and pain and then have someone with aches and pain soak in the tub for 15-60 minutes and see what happens.

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