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4-2-8 Breathwork

The pace of the 4-2-8 breaths is different than other breathwork because it does not interfere with our natural state of being. It may feel strange to you at first because you are out of practice, but this breath is actually our ‘newborn’ breath.

Practice: Focus on the count of the breathing:

  • Inhale 4 counts. Your inhale should be in the diaphragm and a strong enough breath to support an exhale for a count of 8.
  • Retain 2 counts. The reason for the retention at the top of the breath is to give the lungs more time to oxygenate your system.
  • Exhale 8 counts. Be sure on your exhale to pull in the diaphragm all the way to the end of the 8 counts. If you do not force the diaphragm and flex the muscle you will feel a weakness or shallowness to the breath. Once the muscle is strong, the breath will feel and become more natural again.

Practice Variation: 4-2-6 Breathwork. If the 4-2-8 is a struggle, reduce the exhale breath length until your muscles are stronger and your lungs are conditioned to sustain the count.

Practice Variations: 4-2-8-2 Breathwork. You can add another Retain 2 counts at the bottom of your exhale once you are conditioned for it. This extra retention following your exhale creates space for block release as your body is already in the release process.

Practice Variations: For other practice variations, you can also try combining the breath work with other Release practices link Resting in Place.

At first, your brain and body are focused on the counting. Later, after the count becomes automatic and your breathing is free-flowing — no longer forced by the brain and body, you will become almost remorseless—not feeling shame or regret about your actions or attitudes—from the practice of your breathwork.

When your breath is practiced this way, you can create a more cohesive grouping of thoughts and ideas in the body, mind, brain, and spirit communication system. The challenge is maintaining this feeling and connection when you stop the practice and return to life.

Purpose: Your purpose of this breathwork is to create awareness so you can later use your breath to purposely adjust energy in your energetic system.

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