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CT-STUDY Conceptual

Persecution of myself at the hands of others, attracted to fulfill my need based on my law of attraction. Changing this need begins by changing how I experience my own law.

Things that hold trauma:

comprehension based on personal connection to the information. if we depersonalize the information then the body does not hold the pattern. It can still be stored, but not held. If stored you can still be triggered, but it will not longer be a constant definition of who you are in each moment. Reduces the need for protection. Triggering protects. When triggered realize there is a belief that you are in need of protection and that by being aware you can make healthy decsions instead of fearful ones.

Energetic concept Trauma STUDY

What we do for one we do for all. This is the pulse out of energy. This is what creates dominant or dormant forces in their ether . If there is resonance it is reactive as dominant.

Often you listen and pay close attention to what people say to you so you can understand them. Did you know you can listen to the different parts of your body, mind, brain, spirit, and energetic system the same way you listen to others? Some of the most effective information you have when it comes to being okay comes from communicating with these parts of yourself.

You are used to listening to your conscious driven thoughts. Let’s look at listening to other parts of your head like your subconscious and how it drives you to be and do things that support you.

Listening to your heart is a common theme in today’s communications. Thinking from the heart instead of the head can be a bit tricky. Let’s look at how to drop down into the brain cells that are located in the heart and hear what that part of ourselves is really sharing in our moments of need.

The gut, so many ways the gut screams at us to be heard.

Checing in with your underlying current can give you a great big heads up as to what is coming next. Feeling prepared and knowing you are okay can help you set aside many of the fears that keep you out of balance.



You sit feeling a sense of heaviness, a restriction in your chest, your heart aching a bit with little comfort. You feel the struggle outside of yourself and you long for a moment…yet that moment can’t even be imagined. That moment would feel amazing only to be later stolen by regret, so you are back from that daydream, dropped right into the same space your started, imagining the world feels different than it does, stuck here… Exhalation, where breath is easy, flowing, natural, in the vibration of love, is so distant you struggle to remember the feeling.

underlying current

The Divisor

Let’s talk about the space between the divisor and the cell (in regards to the egg this space is the auric field). Like a single celled organism, each of your cells has it’s own insight, reality, understanding, ignition (heat) and record (in relationship to the cells existence as a human being) in connection to all things in all time (law of connectivity). When you are in Form Follows Thought you are effecting the cellular content, the cell’s information. Without this information you would be whole or okay all the time. In other words, the storage of information in the cell and consequential reflection upon the stored information in your thoughts, keep you from what you naturally are which is whole and okay in every moment. You are the only thing holding you from balance ever. Through learned behaviors, energetic encryptions, beliefs, attachment, judgement, and desire you perpetually keep yourself away from okay as part of your experience. Your process is what brought you here and only you can move from this place.

Black Holes

If you understand black holes this next part will make more sense. When you are feeling that deepening pain you are basically being pulled into “sinking” (vibrational gravity) towards the absence of light. Darkness, or the absence of light, is heavier and has more weight than light.

Because moving with gravity on a cellular level is natural, our first experience of moving from light to dark in a painful moment feels comforting because it takes no effort, gravity moves you. The further we move into darkness the more cellular pressure builds. Because your first experiences were comforting you may not recognize that the discomfort is from the increasing darkness, which over time becomes more and more uncomfortable until it is unbearable. If you fight for your life and break free from this gravitational hold things will change. If you use your free will to continually choose what keeps you here you will deconstruct your ability to maintain wellness.

You are a light being. Light content is very important to your wellness and existence. Existing with reduced light is like breathing at high altitudes where oxygen is thinner, everything is harder. When you are stuck in darkness you have succumbed to the singularity of darkness, the absence of light content. The environment through which vibration is transferred, light, is not there. Receiving vibrational support once here seems impossible. You are without connection.

When you are here the act of looking for the place of love brings in the thoughts of being unloved, a contradiction of your thought process. This occurs because the absence of love is darkness and to look towards the remembrance of love without the vibration of love to support the memory only produces a feeling of being without what you are searching for.

Creation Vibrations

Pure light, pure awareness, and open ended hope are part of the creation vibrations. Similar to a stable unchangeable chemical in science, hope can be added as an element or a compound. In it’s elemental form, open ended hope can change instantly the vibrational pull of darkness. In it’s compound form, hope for change, hope for happiness, etc the reaction from the reduced vibration of hope is less predictable.

Because you believe in cause and effect, because you no longer speak the language of symptoms, because you do not bring your awareness to your needs before the needs of others, you walk around lost thinking there is something in the painfulness that you were wanting to have, that there is a reason you drove yourself to this place, that there is a great lesson to overcome. There is no spiritual or scientific reason to stay here stuck in darkness, in pain. When you want out you can give yourself permission to leave. You can have light.

The Unknown

Fear of the unknown tends to keep you in this darkness, this pull of gravity, unable to see what you look like without the familiar. Again, when you look for the light side of a vibration and there is no light present all you see is the darkness. Remember the reason you took the path of darkness in a moment of pain was because of the familiar feel of gravitational pull into darkness, it occurs without effort. The amount of effort to break from darkness with traditional methods is extreme, time consuming, and will be the focus of much discussion.


There is a natural part in vibrational information where you exist as whole and holy. From this place of vibration you can see there is no damage. I want you to see how this is possible, by letting go of the destruction of self you can find this part of you, this wholeness that is hiding behind, underneath, all this information that is no longer the support you thought it was going to be. There is no reason to be less than free in every moment. There is no need to compromise your divinity and light to this experience you are having. Without this information there would be no struggle. I want you to try and go between this space and the information to the place of wellness.

Try one or all of these. You may feel afraid during the process. Remind yourself that you are in a safe place, remembering you are already existing as whole and holy.

Visualization-visualize coming in on the current of light content towards a single cell in your body. As you pass the place of I am and before you hit the divisor I want you to step off the light current. I want you to experience what it feels like to be all of who you are before you start the process of breaking light up for absorption. Notice the brightness of the light while trusting the consciousness is protected. The more you are free of fear the brighter the light will become. You are in a safe place, feel the peace of existence, the full force of light when all of vibration is present.

Contemplation– allow yourself to go back and observe your incarnation process. Feel what it was like coming in and out of the body, developing human senses while still connected to who and what you were before you fully incarnated and could be considered as a human in a body. What were you doing out of your body, how did it feel when you stepped out of the body and left the vibrations of being human, what was the light prior to incarnation like? Reach all the way back to what it felt like before wellness was compromised. Really gather this feeling to you. Now return to this moment with that experience and feel this moment from that place of wellness.

Returning Light– To stop this feeling of sinking focus on light, pull as much light into your system as possible. Imagine light is floating and flowing around you. Pull it in at your finger tips, the ends of your hair, the creases in your skin. Imagine it coming in wherever possible, bright, energized, with a sense of presence and heightened awareness. Follow its circulation throughout your body. Watch as it releases areas of darkness and pools in the empty space briefly to rebirth the cells, see them have this experience. When you are satisfied with the experience and you can feel all aspects of the body watch as the energy leaves the body and be aware that your body does not darken with the absence of this light. See how the newly re-birthed cells are holding their own light. Realize the forward motion into darkness is removed from all parts of your being.

Light Creates Heat– focus your intent on the cells of your body. You can pick one section of your body or you can do all cells at once. Become aware of the cells that are releasing heat, leaving the cell colder than its wellness temperature. Without asking why, feel the cells response to why, being careful to keep all conscious knowledge of why clear from your thoughts. Encourage the cells to return the unnecessary information to the outside of the body allowing the temperature of the cell to stabilize and increase to the level of wellness, raising your vibration and pulling you away from the darkness or absence of light in each cell.


I apologize in advance for the technical nature of this lesson. I have included an Underlying Current video that may make it easier to understand. Please read through the entire lesson slowly even if it does not make much sense to you. When we discuss this later in detail having read through it and placed it in your subconscious will help. Thank you.

Underlying Current Access Points

A useful energetic stabilizer is the underlying current. By tapping into specific spots in your underlying current you can feel and understand you prior to events and experiences without pressure or confusion.  It is possible to experience you without conscious overlay or conscious impact. You can enter the current before you combine conscious thought with true self. You can recognize the truth of who you are in every moment without effort. This is the point of freedom you have been looking for; this point occurs before delusion, before pain, before obligation, judgment, attachment. This is you at center balance without push or pull of selfish and selfless. This is “I AM”.

Often, when tapping into the underlying current at I AM, you will be surprised to see you feel fine and understand that nothing is wrong. Everything you are attracting is for your benefit and the support of who you are. This is an amazing place to bring your awareness. A fraction of a millisecond past that you will see what action meets your needs from a place of you without push and pull, and a fraction past that you will start to see things added in such as the needs of others, past responses, anticipation, all still without pain of attachment or judgement.

underlying current

If you are reactionary you are entering the current at a place of rest prior to existing as you are in this moment, just as the current picks up speed and direction through your environment based on gravitational pull. The reason you are reactionary is because you did not enter far enough ahead of change of motion and had no time to maintain balance before being swept away by the unknown, basically knocked off your feet.

If you are stubborn you have entered the current just past the point of understanding in this moment. Everything outside of you feels like a serene push and everything inside will not budge. This is as gentle as you can get without being swept away or creating damage internally. The further along you enter stubborn the greater the resistance or gravitation of pull feels as the light content is reflected past the cell or back from the cell.

If you are complacent or complaisant you have not entered the current at all. Your inability to navigate the information for your honor and benefit has left you feeling that meeting the needs of others is a priority. If you exist in this part of energy you are often hurt and offended by the behavior of others. Without the personal insight into the give and take of human existence you create an awareness of nothing feeling victimized by everything.

Jumping into the flow at almost the precise moment we are then gathered up and lifted with resonance to this place of feeling. This is elation-the Aha! moment occurs here. Elation elevates your soul level information to a place of understanding without commitment.  Here is where you balance your world without strife. It is where the light content in the cell organizes equal to the content outside of the cell with understanding of what is attracted, supporting you in this moment and the next.

Currently, if you try to bring your attention into the current you will be without reason, unable to find your fears, thoughts, behaviors. Without this feeling of belonging you will no longer exist as you know it. It would occur as the interception of light and leave you feeling empty, life seems meaningless, what’s the point of being alive. Bringing awareness without attention is how we manage to keep our bodies and leave them at the same time, it is our ability to create this space. Once you have achieved consistent center balance you can raise your attention to the current in such a way that you know all things in all time, time ceases to exist.

It is from the space of I AM in the underlying current, before forward motion occurs, where you feel fine and understand that nothing is wrong that you can easily see the conscious conclusions floating around in your thoughts before they combine with snapshots to create perception. This is the space where you can figure out how to release or keep conscious thoughts in relationship to your needs, wants, and desires. This is where you “know” everything. As complicated as this may seem you have already experienced it with your full awareness, that fraction of a second where you knew everything before it slipped away from your tongue, your thoughts, your beliefs, that was the moment you entered the underlying current before being swept away. With meditation and practice you can learn to “stand still” in this space and listen when needed.

Past the space of I AM the conscious, subconscious, energetics, beliefs, decisions, conclusions all exist. Prior to this they do not exist. This space, where the two touch at existence and not existence, is known as enlightenment, where information (vibration and light) is fused together with the underlying current to become part of the UCM (universal conscious mind). Although enlightenment is ever present, people commonly refer to enlightenment as the perfection of this space, when it is at it’s best being experienced from balance. Once fused, untangling or separating things past this point is what we call the ripping. Once the information has been fused together the only way to separate it without the ripping is to go back in time. Hence the active implosion of a single cell or an entire chakra or being.

Embodiment occurs when the light correctly passes “through” the cell being fully reflected. When the people outside of us see the light reflected without embodiment they are driven to bring further things to our attention through effort, not inside of self through effort outside the self as we know it. Through creating the environment for the individual to see the reflection of the mirror that occurs when driven to stop or save others.

the divisor-belief systems, itent, capture of ideas from others maintains obligation, creation is stagnant, and my inner justification then becomes real not only understood, it now becomes my reality as if it were always so.

the divisor makes it possible to individualize our beliefs no matter how the real world works.



A primary divisor option is the energy of intent.

Divisor equals intent, the space between the divide and the cell is the active realization of our non-sense-  non-sense is the act of us taking factual data and bouncing it between the divisor and the cell until there is a balance.

The photo packets in the cellular historic information are trying to make the light and the reflection of light equal.  This is why when you talk to entities outside of this planet they are amazed we are even alive.

There is no difference between anything ever, state of observation. Without a conclusion there is no difference. This one is complicated to have exist in this moment and the next because comparison does not exist in the form of “object of contrast” unless it is in the past or predicted future.

Your divisor is the effort you choose to put into existence. There is a divisor in effect when a remainder is created. The remainder determines how we fall to either side of center balance and it is perception that registers it as selfish or selfless.

moving into the object of attraction would continue balance, pulling all to the center of existing as self instead of moving into the comparison of others.


Underlying Current and Law of Attraction

Paying attention to the underlying current helps you realize how you actually are.  In energetics, this is part of the Law of Attraction, it is the divisor. The divisor reduces the full force of the light content making it possible to exist as you in any given moment. All existence is based on the content of light. The law of attraction is effective for you when the balance of light before, in, and after the cell are all apparently equal.

A divisor (specific attention) successfully depletes the light content without a remainder so the light-packets within the cell can reflect back the full sum of the light, appearing to pass through the cell even though the cell/egg is not breached. When we interfere with the light content’s reflection and the divisor is not successful in reducing completely the light content we then create things like free radicals, breaking the success of attraction. This happens when cellular membranes have been compromised and can no longer hold resistance to the reflection of the light and allows for the release or mutation of cellular content.

Access Location for Underlying Current

The manubrium, between the clavicle and sternum, is the receptor for the underlying current. Commonly referred to as the breast bone, the manubrium can “hear” this information. When you relax and access the current consciously you will notice that the shoulders relax and release back prior to being able to hear the information.

The current is not restricted to the manubrium. It comes in between and across every cell of the physical body. It is the translation into sound that happens at the manubrium. The translation of this into the physical sternum is further recognized and experienced with the addition of personal information to the underlying current. This bone is very sensitive to resonance of any kind and can be used extensively to find and understand information about self and others. It runs right through heart center.

Exercise, Understanding and Accessing Underlying Current:

The underlying current is one of the most useful resources you have. Because it is raw energy, without filters, the information can come in as unclear or uneasy. For instance, you may ask yourself, “How do I feel towards my lover?” and the answer may be “I do not love him/her”. You may jump to the assumption that what you heard is wrong when in fact it is accurate. The underlying current does not have emotions or human niceties and depending on where in the current you are the answer will be heard differently. Hearing that you do not love your lover may inspire thoughts or fears of needing to leave the relationship. Instead of fear or believing this can’t be true, look at what this literally means to you. What you might have seen is something completely different and supportive if you paid it different attention.

An example: You hear you do not love your partner. Bring your awareness to this moment and what is going on in your life. You do not want to be interrupted so you do not love them because your fact is when you love them you draw them near to you and currently you would prefer not to draw them near to you. Instead of believing something is not true ask where in your life is it currently true.

Practice: Ask “how do I feel?” and listen. No matter what is said back to you, you have entered the underlying current at some point. Make a list of what you hear and over time you will start to recognize where you are entering the current. With practice you will become familiar with how it feels to enter at different points and can enter at the point of your choosing.

Remember, make no conclusions, listen and repeat out loud to yourself or a friend what it is you hear. To decipher the responses you would consider the statements as you would the response of a small child, simple, blunt, urgent. If you are getting more complicated information you are allowing the conscious to add to the underlying current information prior to the space of listening. This can be useful after you have first received the uncomplicated and simplistic response.

Try these variations to access different points of the current, asking:

  • How am I?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I hear?
  • What do I feel?

day 37 1/2 stabilizing ourselves Exercise

often the uncomfortable feelings as we were kids didn’t make sense and when we asked someone or someone bossed us we assigned information to this feeling and had a pressure then to not feel this feeling again.

Now, focus on the feeling of the heart, the chakra facing forward, we are going to move the chakra into position to function in clear channel. its not like you think, you have to give a lot of hope to this situation.

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