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Courses at a Glance

The BASICS of Meditation

This basic course gives you direction and support to create a solid Meditation Foundation. Doing something with these foundation pieces every day creates the healthy, easy habit of meditation.

Establishing Your Practice: Introduction

“Establishing Your Practice” teaches you how to work with the action steps in your practice so you can make important decisions that create a sustainable experience.

Establishing Your Practice: Week One

This is the first week of guided activity for the Establishing Your Practice course series.

Establishing Your Practice: Week Two

This course supports Establishing Your Practice. This is week two of guided activity.

Establishing Your Practice: Warning Signs

Awareness in your Practice for Warning Signs can save the day. When you know what to look for while creating your Practice Foundation you can save time, effort, and energy.

Return to Observation

Building a strong spiritual foundation is paramount in developing reliable skills that will serve you. Learning to look at reality in new ways is a small step in building that foundation.

Return to Observation Guided Edition

Sign up today for this guided edition of Return to Observation that starts on May 6, 2019.

Qest4 Bioenergetic Wellness Scan Questionnaire

More than seventy percent of patients who visit a general practice suffer from what is known as a functional disturbance. Developing issues are left undiagnosed.

The Self-STUDY Program Application Is Currently Closed

Starting April 1, 2019

The Self-STUDY Program is a continuous live course that offers opportunities for life-changing experiences in which participants work hand in hand with Christine Contini, Laura C. Cantu, and other guest instructors.

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