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Starting April 1, 2019

The Self-STUDY Program is a continuous live course that offers opportunities for life-changing experiences in which participants work hand in hand with Christine Contini, Laura C. Cantu, and other guest instructors.

During these hands-on courses, exercises, webinars, and events, you will experience energetic shifts and aha moments that will assist you in piecing together that mysterious puzzle that is ever evasive. Goals of this program are geared toward preparing you to attain personal freedom and experience the full expression of yourself in every moment.

Here are a few specific things you will learn:
-How to apply spiritual and wellness concepts to your daily life
-How to interact with others who don’t know what you know
-How to identify and overcome major blocks in your life
-How to identify your psychic strengths
-How to handle being an empath
-How to safely develop your psychic abilities
-How it feels and how to recognize when you are within the ascension process
-much more.

Join us in this grand adventure toward creating your new life and a New Earth!

Course Curriculum

The STUDY Application
The Self-STUDY Unlimited

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