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This course is a series of informative lessons that, when completed, assists your ability to use the energy of prayer effectively in your life.

The process of energetic support consists of:

  • Prayer
  • Intention
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Verbalization
  • Contemplation
  • Wondering

This course, Prayer, is the first step of harnessing this process of energetic support.

Course Curriculum

Energetic Function of Prayer
Prayer 00:00:00
Natural Light and Prayer 00:00:00
Authority of Prayer 00:00:00
Effective Prayer 00:00:00
Binding Prayer 00:00:00
Distorted Prayer 00:00:00
Praying 00:00:00
Prayer Process 00:00:00
Flowing Prayer 00:00:00
Prayer Meditation 00:00:00
Prayer Infinity Loop 00:00:00
Payer Grounding 00:00:00
Prayer Method 00:00:00
Prayer Support 00:00:00
Energetic Prayer Conclusion 00:00:00
  • TheSTUDY
  • 180 Days

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