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Our Blog

Webinar: The War on Control: Breaking Free

Wanderer’s Handbook is inviting you to a RingCentral meeting titled: The War on Control Webinar: Breaking Free   We will …

Asking for Proof

I’m not sure if you’ve felt any major energy shifts happening lately, but for me, it seems as though my …

How Emotions Affect Healing and Health – Part 2: Elements

Are you familiar with the expression “Too much of a good thing eventually turns into a bad thing?” In almost …

How Emotions Affect Healing & Health -An Overview

At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat.” I’m going to …

Three Deaths Did the Trick

How many times does a person really need to die? I thought once would be enough. But I had to …

Webinar with Christine and Laura June 27, 2018

Hello fellow Wanderers! Wanderer’s Handbook is inviting you to a RingCentral meeting. When: Wednesday, June 27th 2018 at 6pm PST.  …

Touching Something Hot

Let your thoughts drift back to when you were a small child. You are in the kitchen watching a loved …

Causing Emotional Damage

You know to stop touching a hot stove with the burning of your skin; pain signals you to pull back. With conditioning, you can push …

Active and Passive Holding of Energy

Blocks are locations in the body with decreased energy flow. The energy flow is decreased because you are holding attention …

Send Your Requests

We are in the process of building our curriculum to suit the needs of our community. If you have issues …

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