Asking for Proof

I’m not sure if you’ve felt any major energy shifts happening lately, but for me, it seems as though my entire reality is swirling and rolling like a raging ocean during storm season. Each night as I sleep, I leave my body and work diligently alongside others to learn, teach, and assist.

Working so hard at night makes for an exhausting day ahead. 

Lately, I’ve been asking for some kind of “proof” that I can capture on video or in pictures to show others that all of this is really happening. (*Note* -I do not require the proof for myself because the experiences speak for themselves. But I understand how difficult it can be to believe what others claim to be true, especially when the experiences seem so far “out there.”)

When I asked for proof, I was given a clear understanding that at this time I am “allowed” capture “signs” and that as this process unfolds (and as I demonstrate my dedication and purity of intention), I may be allowed to capture more. I suppose we will have to wait and see if I’m able to accomplish this.

That said, this morning I received my “morning download” through a series of tones and pitches that were coming from a space in my room about a foot in front of my face. Then, I suddenly felt the presence of one of my “guides” behind me, and in that instant, my bedstand light started flashing on and off.  (I put the term “guides” in quotes because I think of them as teammates rather than beings that I need to rely on for advice and guidance.)  Anyway…

This is not typical behavior of my bedstand light. It has operated like a normal lamp for eleven years, only turning on and off when I physically turn it on and off.

At first, I just laid there and observed it. I thanked my guide for the confirmation and asked him to turn it off so I could continue meditating without distractions. Then, as if he whispered in my mind, I suddenly remembered that I had asked for proof when beings were working with me.  So I quickly hopped out of bed and retrieved my phone.

As soon as I unlocked the phone and pulled up the camera to record, the lamp stopped blinking. I directed my thoughts toward my guide and huffed something like, “If you’re not going to let me get it on video, then let me meditate without interruption.”

I put my phone down and crawled back into bed.

About thirty minutes later, when I had reached a comfortable level of meditation, the light started blinking again. I quickly jumped out of bed to grab my phone and capture it, but to no avail, as soon as I hit the record button, the light stopped blinking AGAIN.

I didn’t confront my guide. I simply I crawled back into bed, but this time I brought the phone into the bed with me. Again, I began meditating and hearing a series of tones.

The light started blinking again.

I quickly unlocked the camera and pressed record.

Here is the video I shot.


Please let me know what you think by commenting on this blog.

I would like to know things like:

What do you think?

Do you have experiences similar to this?

Do you feel your “guides” when they enter your space?

How can you tell they are your guides?

Do you have different kinds of guides? i.e. protectors, teachers, healers, etc.

Do you have any strange occurrences that you’ve caught on video or in pictures?

Would you like to share any strange things you’ve experienced but are unable to prove?


I look forward to hearing from you soon!




4 responses on "Asking for Proof"

  1. Wow! Laura that is so awesome!! I’ve never been able to record it, but I will get these blue lights that seem to pop out one corner of my bedroom ceiling and then, almost every time, the tv will go on! It hasn’t happened in a long time but it used to happen regularly! Your experiences are amazing!

  2. OMG Laura.. That was amazing and remarkable.. I am astounded! I am having chills watching this.

  3. It looks like the light is pulsating with energy.
    When you’re getting the downloads, perhaps your state of receivership intensifies the energy, so that when you got up to get the phone your focus lessened, then when you were back in meditation but holding the phone, the flow of energy was strong again? Or maybe the ‘guides’ were just teasing you by not letting you record at first – their sense of humor!
    I wonder if other dimensional beings are better able to project into our dimension through our electrical-water-based bodies as conduit.
    Likely I’ll be learning about these things from future workshops on the Wanderer’s Handbook!

  4. It is interesting to me how your desire, observation, persistence and trust culminated in the successful capturing of the “proof” you sought for us. Thank you. I love seeing the flashing lamp and feeling how tangible it is. Not that I have never received proof, I have. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted colors, visions, lights, voices and synchronicity. But they were a long time coming and the truth be known, my impatience finally brought to light the fact that I was fixated on the external. I really don’t know how I somehow managed to go within. That’s where I found my guides, whoever they are and whatever they may look like. They are a part of me, apparent only with the changes in my life. That internal awareness is a blessing I could never have imagined. And thank you for the opportunity to remember that again. Because remembering everything I know does not come easily to me.

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