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Apply to participate in The 2020 Self-STUDY

The Self-STUDY Program is a continuous live course that offers opportunities for life-changing experiences in which participants work hand in hand with Christine Contini, Laura C. Cantu, and other guest instructors.

Currently Accepting Applications for Spring of 2020

During these hands-on courses, exercises, webinars, and events, you will experience energetic shifts and aha moments that will assist you in piecing together that mysterious puzzle that is ever evasive. Goals of this program are geared toward preparing you to attain personal freedom and experience the full expression of yourself in every moment.

Specifics for 2020 Are Still Brewing

Apply now to qualify for:

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  • Raffle Tickets for a FREE Break-Out Session

Join us in this grand adventure toward creating your new life and a New Earth!

Getting to Know You introduction

This short 10 question survey and your acceptance of the STUDY Agreement is REQUIRED for participation consideration. Your application does not guarantee acceptance.

The Self-STUDY Program Application
In my body, mind, brain, spirit journey I am:
Regarding my intimate personal relationship I am:

The following information is your STUDY Agreement: Code of Conduct Requirements, Program Participation Waiver Agreement, Access and Privacy Waiver, and Liability Waiver. All components together complete The STUDY User Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the information make sure they are submitted in writing so they can be answered. Submitting your application is your acceptance and creates a binding agreement to all of the Self-STUDY (referred to as the STUDY and the Self-STUDY) User Agreement in its entirety (all items below).

We choose to participate with personal desire, creation of self, and compassion for all.

We will help ourselves and others to create an energizing, invigorating, wholesome, and compassionate community by our actions, words, thoughts, and deeds.

We will verbally, emotionally and mentally encourage our friends, partners, fellow students, clients, and human beings to be their best while experiencing all aspects of life necessary for personal growth.

We will practice acceptance of others and will do our best to consider their point of view and their need for self-expression while tempering our own understanding with compassion.

We will be considerate of the needs of others, taking only that which is offered divinely, eliminating the need for coercion or prejudice for personal gain.

We will foster praise, patience, peaceful speech, and respectful thoughts of others.

We will speak of others in a way that is designed to increase their reputation and foster a cooperative, helpful, mindful environment for everyone.

We will remember that we are free and capable of change under any circumstance.

I have read and agree to abide by the Wanderer’s Handbook Membership Code of Conduct.  Submission of application is my acceptance and creates a binding agreement to all of the STUDY User Agreement in its entirety.

I request Membership with The 2019 STUDY.  I have read and understood the qualifications of membership.

I understand that participation in the STUDY and all of it’s accompanying programs is a voluntary process. I understand that the STUDY makes no claims other than I will have the opportunity to learn or experience wellness practices as a group with others.

I agree that all presenters are volunteers and are expressing conceptual ideas and can not be held responsible for my interpretation of these ideas, how I use them in my life, or how I experience them as I share them with others.

I have read and agree to abide by these understandings and permissions. My submission of application is my acceptance and creates a binding agreement to all of the STUDY User Agreement in its entirety.

I acknowledge that I have Internet access where I can watch videos, respond to correspondence, keep in contact with group activities, attend webinars, and look at online research material and respond to such material.

I give my personal consent to be recorded by video, audio, typed, handwritten, and Internet activity.

I understand that my name or exact likeness will be used in the release of The STUDY material. I agree that if I feel harmed by this release I will personally be responsible for notifying The STUDY in writing. This does not guarantee that your name or likeness will be removed or that your request will be addressed. By participating in the STUDY, I waive all rights to privacy and grant Wanderer’s Handbook to use any materials or information I provide at their sole discretion with no limitation and no expiration. I understand that there will be no monetary compensation or other compensation for the use of any materials or information I may provide.

I agree that all information is for my personal use only unless given express written permission that says otherwise.

My Action of accessing data (through email, applications, phone, in person, handwritten and any other forms of communication) obligates me to the privacy policies listed above. I have read and agree to abide by these understandings and permissions. My submission of application is my acceptance and creates a binding agreement to all of the STUDY User Agreement in its entirety.

I waive all rights to seek any legal recourse in regards to my participation in the STUDY as I understand all participation is optional and I am personally in complete control of all aspects in every moment.

I understand when I am questioned as to my wellness during the process it is my responsibility to answer completely and honestly as to my well being.

I understand all of my reactions are about me and I am given a place to voice these reactions and receive assistance in resolving anything that is less than desirable.

I understand it is my responsibility to make others aware of any issues I am having.

I understand that if it is suggested that I seek medical attention for any and all issues regarding body, mind, and spirit it is my personal responsibility to do so.  I also understand I have the ability to waive my rights to additional or optional suggested therapy, support, or assistance from the STUDY and its participants, volunteers, and practitioners.

I understand the STUDY is not a mandated reporter and may not follow-up to see if I have or have not sought out assistance as suggested.

I have read and agree to abide by these understandings.  My submission of application is my acceptance and creates a binding agreement to all of the STUDY User Agreement in its entirety.

Voluntary Consent by Participant: By signing the application for acceptance into The STUDY, you indicate that The STUDY has been explained to you, you have read this document or it has been read to you, you have asked your questions about this research in writing, you have been told that you may ask the researchers any STUDY related questions in the future or contact them in the event of a perceived research-related injury, you have been told that you may ask The STUDY Division personnel questions about your STUDY rights, you are aware that you have access to the video and audio recordings that include you, you are aware that you are NOT entitled to duplicate for your records a copy of this information. You are aware that you do not personally have the right to share STUDY information in any form, manner of conversation, video sharing, copy of any written communications, information regarding the experiences of others or your personal experiences if it includes the details or communication of the experiences of others in the STUDY. You voluntarily agree to participate in The STUDY 2019.

My signature on The STUDY application further acknowledges that I shall not now or at any time in the future bring any legal action against Wanderer’s Handbook, any of the volunteers or practitioners involved, anyone who is authorized to work with the research material provided to them by The STUDY; and that this waiver is binding on me, my heirs, my spouse, my children, my legal representatives, my successors and my assigns. I further verify that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to participate in The STUDY and my personal support team and a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical, mental, and emotional condition for participation in this type of class, workshop, exercise, and wellness practices. My signature is binding to these and all agreements implied or executed in accordance with my participation.

Additionally, to participate in the STUDY, I acknowledge, once again, that I am bound by the Wanderer’s Handbook Terms of Service in addition to this agreement. If there is conflicting information, the Wanderer’s Handbook Website’s Terms of Service shall serve as the ruling agreement.

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